As a Player, how can I help?

There are many times we’re asked, ” Love the sim, what can I do to help?”  There are many simple ways you can help support the sim and keep the game fresh and fun. Wither a new player to the sim, on a grizzled veteran of Second Life, we’ve outlined a few ways you can contribute to the sim/game health:

1. Put Botany Bay in your Pics on your Second Life Profile:   This very simple thing helps people you already play and interact elsewhere in Second Life, find us. There is a normal turn over of players and by helping new people find the sim/game, your making things more active and fun for yourself as well.  So if you have an empty ‘pic’ then stop by the sim and make a new one (doing so puts the TP link to the sim right in your pics).

2. Pulls some ‘door duty’: Its likely when you arrived at Botany Bay, if one of us was online, you were greeted at the Star Gate landing point, both in IM oocly, and In Character in main chat.  Making people feel welcome at the sim, is one of the most important ways we can stand out from other places.  People spend a lot of time TPing around the grid looking for a place to play, let them know they found one. Pulling some door duty, is good for you too, as it gives you a reason to speak to people and get involved. Remember, your here to play too, and that sometimes means meeting new people.  If you need some info, to get started, then just let one of us know and we can help.

3. Dwell On Sim: Empty sims, stay empty, sims with people on them, get more people to visit. That is just one of the realities of Second Life. So, if your on the gird and your just hanging out, maybe in IM, or Sorting Inventory, consider doing so at Botany Bay. You may just run into someone else while your there as well. Your time could be put to good use, if you use it with us.

4. Take an IC job: Not sure what to do when your on sim? Consider working at one of the establishments, the bar, the diner, anywhere in the market. Maybe the medbay is calling your name? What ever you have in mind, let us know, but having a “job” it gives you something to start small talk with other visitors, and that leads to better RP.

5. Contribute to the Wiki or blog. The online – offgrid media is a way to share information with new players, and get old players up to speed on things they may have missed. It takes a good amount of effort to keep these assets up to date. If you have some time, we are always looking for help.

6.  Last, but not least, Play! It doesn’t matter how, but come down, and play in the public parts of the sim! Remember your here to have fun and meet new people, so come on down and do so !

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2 Responses to As a Player, how can I help?

  1. Syrio Cortes says:

    Is there a list of… “cardboard” characters at the Colony? You know, the ones that look like they’re there, but they’re really not, like the robot bartender is Bob, and Gordon is the one in the mess hall. When making small talk with other colonists, or even just “background noise,” where someone might join in and engage if they felt like it, it would be nice to be able to refer to consistent names from the various establishments.


    • jubilynnlane says:

      There are a handful of established personalities to the NPCs. I stared a project over a year ago to flesh them out as a source of learning back story while in game. Several of the NPCs near the gate have Info notecards in them. You can click them, and it will give you the info. After polling the players, there was no interest in this, so we let the project lapse.


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